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SysToolsOutlook Recovery

Outlook Recovery software application is designed to recover data from corrupted Microsoft Outlook application data file. This program scans the damaged Outlook data file i.e. PST, and recovers the data from damaged file structure combating the corruption and stores the data in another healthy PST file. This new recovered PST file can be accessed using Outlook application again without any errors or issues. This software is embedded with advance technology and algorithms, and it delivers optimized output through various features and facilities.

  • Software has two scanning modes as Quick and Advance Scan, which work on minute and major corruption in PST respectively.
  • Software allows recovery of severely corrupted data and permanently deleted data using Advance Scanning Mode.
  • Tool supports PST files of all types including; ANSI and Unicode PST file type belonging to any version of Outlook.
  • PST file data can be recovered as Outlook PST file. Along with this, software support exporting data to MSG and EML as well.
  • Advance options like Split PST can be applied to manage the recovered PST file size in different PST files by dividing it to fractions through pre-defined file size.
  • Email data of specific date range can be exported using Email Date Filters by providing dates in “From” and “To” fields. This will allow export of data belonging to this date range only.

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