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SysTools Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup utility developed by SysTools is power pack software to download all the emails, contacts, documents etc. from the Gmail account to the user’s local drive. With this application, users can take the backup of their important emails straight to the drive in any of the desktop email format i.e. PST/EML/MSG/MBOX. This avails the users to open the emails in their corresponding desktop client either; Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora etc. The software is simple and user-friendly, enabling an easy downloading. Users can save the mails from intruders or eve droppers since it allows deleting the emails after downloading. In all the sense, i.e. backing up, securing from the threat of outage etc. the tool is perfect.

Proficient Features of Gmail Backup

  • Copies all the items of the Gmail account to user’s machine
  • Facilitates backing up from single as well as multiple users account
  • OAUTH2 authentication is implemented for account access permissions
  • Support saving of emails to any of the four formats; PST/EML/MSG/MBOX
  • Outlook installation is necessary for downloading emails to PST file
  • Enables to delete emails from server once after downloading the items
  • Allows to filter out the items; emails, contacts etc. before downloading
  • Bandwidth for downloading can be set using the throttle setting option
  • Pause & resume actions are implemented, making downloading uninterrupted
  • From Account History users can get the history of the downloaded process

Summary: Gmail

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