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System Mechanic

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"Finds system errors other scanners miss."
- LAPTOP Magazine

"A better selection of tools
and technical support than
Norton SystemWorks."


LAPTOP Editors' Choice

#1 Bestselling

15 Years of PC Tune-UP Innovation

80 Million PC's repaired Free Unlimited Tech Support  


System Mechanic®

  • Repairs registry
  • Accelerates startup
  • Recovers memory leaks
  • Boosts internet speed
  • Defragments drives
  • Stops CPU-hogging items

Over 50 powerful tune-up tools in one

The world's best-selling tune-up software gives you the safest, most complete suite of performance tools available.

No need to be an expert – it's easy!

#1 Best-selling
Over 80 million PCs repaired

15 years of tune-up
product focus
Whole Home License
for all your PCs
Free product help
unlimited tech support

Make your PC run like new again

Features and Benefits

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  • Boost PC and internet performance
    Improve Windows startup, your internet connection speed, and download times. Get the most out of installed programs.
  • Optimize your registry
    System Mechanic's new 3-level registry optimization speeds up your PC well beyond the capability of ordinary registry cleaners.
  • Tune your PC automatically
    Patented ActiveCare technology runs in the background, fixing and optimizing your PC during periods of inactivity. It never interrupts with schedulers or messages, and stops the instant your system needs resources for other tasks.
  • Keep your hard drive clean and error-free
    Automatically delete junk files left behind by untidy programs, system freezes, and sudden restarts. Easily fix hundreds of errors involving the hard drive, system components, installed software, hardware, and more.
  • Protect your system
    Automatically repair Windows security flaws that leave you vulnerable to hackers and identity thieves.
  • Configure System Mechanic to work the way you want it to
    Operate System Mechanic manually, if you like. Or change the settings in ActiveCare to tune your PC according to your preferences.
  • Install 1 license on all of your household PCs at no extra cost!
    Whole Home Licensing™ allows you to use the same license for all your home PCs (*details).

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Special Offer


Regular price: $49.95 Get it now

System Mechanic

What's New in System Mechanic®

NEW - Stability Guard™

Stability Guard

Proactively intercepts threats to system stability to help you keep Windows running rock-solid and problem-free.



New real-time technology speeds PCs by optimizing critital file transfer activity.


Windows 8 Integration

Windows 8 Integration

Designed to work with Windows 8 to maximize performance gains and proactively prevents slowdowns over time.

Designated Drivers™

Designated Drivers���

Automatically installs critical device driver updates that keep your PC’s components working problem-free.

SSD Accelerator™

SSD Accelerator���

Streamlines, optimizes, and speeds up the latest state-of-the-art solid state drives, so they’re always up-to-speed and ready for action.

Program Accelerator™

Program Accelerator

Uses an all new patent-pending calibration technology to speed up program performance by intelligently realigning programs with their dependent files.

CRUDD Remover™

CRUDD Remover

Clearly shows you which programs have duplicate functions so that you can make an intelligent choice about which programs you want to keep and which ones you want to remove.

Internet Connection Repair™

internet connectivity repair

Detects bad connections and uses a battery of proprietary technology to repair and reconnect your computer, and ensures that the connection is as clean, fast, and reliable as possible.

Tune-up Definitions™

iolo labs

The latest Tune-up Definitions are packed with even more essential data that continues to improve and update the product's effectiveness in 5 vital areas.


Frees up system memory and CPU resources to give Windows additional horsepower. Uses iolo Labs' Tune-up Definitions and user-defined profiles to identify background programs and services that can be temporarily shut down. Allows users to restart any program that was previously shut-down by EnergyBooster.

Total Registry Revitalizer™

Integrates all of System Mechanic's powerful registry tools into a single all-in-one tool. Functions include registry backup, registry repair and cleaning, registry compact, and registry defragmentation.

PC Health Status Gadget

A Sidebar Gadget for Windows 7 and Vista that provides real-time reports on system health, security, and overall status. Includes a running list of recently performed repairs and optimizations, and offers quick access to commonly used tools, such as Memory Mechanic™ and EnergyBooster™

Incinerator® for Recycle Bin

Incinerator® technology can now be optionally integrated into the Windows Recycle Bin, providing both standard file deletion and a Department of Defense 5220-22M compliant technique for maximum security when deleting files.

System Requirements

System Mechanic runs on 64/32-bit versions of Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, and XP, 256 MB of RAM, 130 MB of free hard drive space.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This is the most convenient, comprehensive product I have tried ever!!"
- Ron G.

"The best product I have ever bought for my computer."
- Harry C.

"Best Buy used it to fix my wife's PC and I figured if they use it, the product must be pretty good."
- Richard S.


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+ System Mechanic
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+ Search & Recover
+ DriveScrubber
+ Secure Online Backup

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System Mechanic Professional



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