Supplier Certification and Management Program


Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. has designed a Supplier Certification and Management program. It will help prepare you to manage all of your procurement activities efficiently and effectively. Areas of concern to you are: Supply Chain Management, Outsourcing or Offshoring, Just-in-Time (JIT) Procurement, Investment and overhead required for your Supplier Certification and Management Process You no longer need to accept the high costs of supplier and internal procurement inefficiencies. Our supplier quality system is designed to maintain high quality in products from your suppliers at lower cost to you. Our system is directed at: Maximizing the effectiveness of supplier quality organizations, Continuous improvements in methods and products, Reducing your quality costs by making better use of the resources that you and your suppliers have. Quality Systems Innovations, Inc. provides the documentation you need to design and implement your Supplier Certification and Management program. Due to its unique design, your documentation can be uploaded to your company web site and viewed through a web browser or any Smartphone with an internet account. You can collaborate with your suppliers and team members anywhere in the world. As your supplier management program matures, you will be able to reduce and eventually eliminate receiving inspection and pass incoming material directly to stock.

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