Super PhotoCut Full Version


Super PhotoCut app for Mac removes background from image, speeds up your design process, enhance your design time and improves the quality of your photos! It will save you hours that you usually spent on removing image background on Mac using Photoshop. It is time to say goodbye to the PhotoShop lasso photocut and magic wand tool in order to remove background from image for Mac. You can remove picture background without downloading photoshop anymore.

Summary: Mac, photoshop

Concepts: Graphic design, WAND, Magic, Wand, Photography, Ceremonial magic, Image, Computer graphics


  • /hobbies and interests/magic and illusion
  • /art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
  • /technology and computing/operating systems/mac os

Tags: Super PhotoCut app, PhotoShop lasso photocut, magic wand tool, photoshop anymore.Summary, design process, design time, Ceremonial magic, entertainment/visual art, systems/mac os, picture background, Graphic design, image background, goodbye, quality, Photography, graphicsCategories, /hobbies, illusion/art

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