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Super PhotoCut interactive cutout tool isolates and separates a detailed foreground object from photos. With our proprietary best-in-class algorithm masking tool, you can instantly remove complex image backgrounds and make them transparent with just a few clicks. Get the dramatic stand-out images done in seconds-to-minutes instead of minutes-to-hours.

Unlike those image processing software in the market, Super PhotoCut doesn’t require any special technical skills. You just need mark the object with a rectangle to obtain the desired result. Super PhotoCut will automatically cut objects out for you.

Super PhotoCut speeds up your design process, enhance your design time and improves the quality of your photos! It will save you hours that you usually spent on cutting out an object using Photoshop. It is time to say goodbye to the PhotoShop lasso and magic wand tool.

Key Features:
1 Instantly and Accurately remove complex background from images.

2 Smart Algorithm: Cuts object out with critical precision. It enables extremely fast operation with great results on any image, minimizing the amount of work you need to put in.

3 Supports almost all image formats: JPG,BMP,PNG,GIF…

4 Separate foreground from background easily. Live preview the final effect.

5 Transparency Processing Supported. Export to Transparent PNG images.

6 20 kinds of background transition effects are for your choices:
Disc Blur, Gaussian Blur, Box Blur, Motion Blur, Zoom Blur, Color Controls, Exposure Adjust, Gamma Adjust, Hue Adjust, Vibrance, Color Invert, Color Posterize, Chrome, Fade, Instant, Mono, Process, Transfer, Sepia Tone, Vignette, Vignette Effect, Bump Distortion.

7 Zoom to any level necessary allows you to inspect details while quickly navigating your image.

8 Create isolated images with colored or transparent backgrounds. Or import your favorite picture as the background image.

9 Undo / Redo: never fear that a mistake will ruin your work.

10 Configurable Auto-Brush-Size: The mark size adapts dynamically to your zoom level so that you can easily zoom in to make detailed edits.

Increase conversion rates with stunning product photos that conform to eBay and Amazon requirements at a little cost. People all over the world are more productive with Super PhotoCut. Try it out today!

Summary: image processing, seconds-to-minutes, Amazon

Concepts: Photography, Image processing, Portable Network Graphics, WAND, Image, IMAGE, Color, Computer graphics


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