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    An Instant Messaging system for companies, it works just like WebQQ, but with some cool features that make it very suitable for large organizations where lots of people use computers. 
    Built-in storm HTTP server and SQLite database, one click Install and it is easy, simple. It supports IE 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Windows Edge.
Main features:
    1. Using a server-based organizational structure, employees can easily locate and communicate with one another
    2. Corporate Logo and Common Favorites: advertise your corporate culture.
    3. Organizational structure: directory tree of the multi-level organizational structure of enterprises provides clear understanding of the organization. It is auto updated when the structure of the organization changes.
    4. Instant Communication: quickly and easily send and receive instant messages. You can change the text fonts in different colors for a personalized display.
    5. Contact Group: contacts can be grouped. For example the most frequent contacts or contacts from in the same division.
    6. Status display: Show contact information: online, busy, offline etc.
    7. Personal information: Directly lookup seat-number, phone-number and other personal information.
    8. Quick Search field: quickly look up someone by name or other criteria.
    9. Historical information: Chat log etc.
    10. Security: Chat record encrypted storage; the chat file encryption storage. When users log on or change the password, the data submitted is encrypted with the public key, the server-side private key to decrypt.
    11. It provides a new application interface that allows users to integrate existing applications.

Summary: Instant Messaging, log on, Windows, application interface

Concepts: Instant messaging, Encryption, Internet, Cryptography, Pretty Good Privacy, Server, Organization, Encryption software


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  • /business and industrial/business operations/human resources
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