Stellar Phoenix Database Repair for Oracle

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This tool very effectively performs Oracle database recovery by repairing damaged .DBF file. The software searches for all databases present in your system and after scanning the corrupt database it shows the preview of recoverable database objects. You can select entire Oracle database or some particular component of the database for recovery. To select an object for recovery, you have to check mark it from the database object tree, generated after scanning. Another useful option provided by this software is ‘Find Items’. Through this option, you can locate any specific item in your database very easily. This option is very helpful while you want to select items from huge database. You can also recover the queries of views, functions, packages, package body, procedures, triggers, and database links in text files from severely damaged Oracle database.

Key Features:

  • Performs Oracle database recovery by repairing corrupt .DBF file
  • Searches all Oracle databases, present in your system
  • Shows preview of recoverable database objects
  • Selective recovery of DBF file components
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & 7

Summary: Oracle, Windows 10

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