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Stellar Compact PST compresses large Outlook data files into a small size to prevent them from getting corrupt. It offers three different ways to compact Outlook PST and OST data files. The software can compress Outlook files by extracting attachments and saves them in a separate folder. Next, it offers to compress the attached files in the emails. It also offers to extract, compact, and save attached files in a folder and leave shortcuts in the respective emails, which can be used with Exchange Server and POP3 accounts. 
It also provides the option to change the location of Attachments folder or its path in case the drive containing the Attachment folder exceeds the size limit. Then, the software automatically reestablishes the connection between emails and their corresponding attachments. 
Key Features:
  • Compresses outsized MS Outlook PST or OST files 
  • Schedules the process of PST file compression
  • Compresses incoming and outgoing emails
  • Extracts and compresses attachments to compress Outlook data files
  • Extracts and saves attachments at a different location
  • Extracts attachments and replaces them with shortcut link to extract attached files

Summary: file compression

Concepts: Microsoft Exchange Server, E-mail, Microsoft Outlook, File system, Extract, Filename, Data compression, Microsoft Exchange Client


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