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Stagetracker 3 is an application for playing audio & midi tracks and was developed specifically for live performance on stage. The ease of use and clear operation structure make it a perfect tool for any musician. Stagetracker supports audio interfaces with up to 32 outputs and offers a fully equipped mixer containing eq, compressor, reverb, delay for each of its 24 tracks. Due to the high number of 16 Subgroup channels (stereo), it is possible to route each track to a separate output of the audio interface.

Stagetracker helps on one hand to replace musicians but also serves as a supplement, for example, to sound a bit fuller to choirs and modern keyboard sounds that are live not possible to play.

It is up to the user how he makes the track layout.
A typical example would be:

Track 1: Click for the Drummer
Track 2: Bassguitar
Track 3: Guitar 1
Track 4: Guitar 2
Track 5: Keyboard
Track 6: Front Singer
Track 7: Background Voice 1
Track 8: Background Voice 2

Even rehearsals can take place with such a setup, even if a musician is missing. Stagetracker not only has the ability to play audio and midi tracks but also offers a full-featured text editor with the ability to display time-programmable text passages. Optionally, you can also display the text of a Midi file. Even the connection of a second Screen for the front musician is quickly realized. Thus, one of the musicians, who operates Stagetracker in the background during the performance, can even change the order of the songs and make this change visible to the front monitor.

Setlists can be quickly created and saved during the performance.
StageTracker has a keyboard search mode, ie , it is possible during playback to enter the first letter of the next song, so that it is loaded next.
StageTracker loads a song with 24 audio tracks within a second. The Control of external soft- and hardware is also possible via midi:

Stagetracker supports MTC (Midi Time Clock) and even individual MIDI events (such as program changes / controller changes) can be fired at a specific playback position, for example to control external Effects or a lighting system. Alternatively, a midi file can be used to control the lighting system.

To use this program in its entirety, a desktop PC, notebook or tablet with dual-processor is recommended. If you work with only a few tracks, operation is also possible with a netbook


* audio playback - up to 24 stereo tracks ( wav / mp3 / etc. )
* 16 subgroups

* track mixer ( eq / compressor / reverb / delay )
* multiple soundcard output ( up to 16 x stereo )
* midi playback
* set lists and playlist time calculation
* midi control: volume, playback start/stop,
   song number ( per prg-change / note on ), MTC

* lyric window with editor and extra monitor
   ( scrolling features and midi lyric )
* keyboard: shortcuts and set list search
* ASIO driver support

  and much more ..

* supported language: english, german

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