SSDLife for Ultrabooks Winter Is Here - 33% discount for all!


Full support for ultrabooks

SSDLife for Ultrabook is specifically designed for ultraportable computers. Ultrabooks, which are powerful and lightweight laptops, have been our top-priority platform since the very start. Ultrabooks allocated in a separate segment

Minimum system load

Being originally designed for laptops, SSDLife for Ultrabook puts minimum load on your ultraportable device. It uses a very small amount of RAM and includes battery-saving modes to deliver the best experience.

Single SSD drive support

Most ultrabooks and ultraportable laptops are designed to fit only one disk. That’s why we’ve optimized SSDLife for Ultrabook to deal with a single SSD only. This also helped us to reduce the resources used by the program.

All other features of SSDLife Pro

SSDLife for Ultrabook supports all other features of the pro version, including some unique ones such as checking for firmware update and calculation of an SSD’s lifetime.

Summary: SSDLife Pro

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