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SPYERA is the most powerfull spy application in the market. It is full compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian phones.

SPYERA is the most powerfull software has capable listen to phone calls and surroundings, read SMS, Call Logs, Emails, Blackberry Messenger, What's App messages, Facebook Chat, know the actual location…and many more
Unlike our competitors Spyera also has unlimited device change (You can move your license from one device to another one), has What's App messages keylogger, and has listening live calls features. 
Available for immediate download.
  • Call Interception (Listen to Phone Call)
  • Environment Listening ( Bugging Device)
  • SMS Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Read What's App Messages (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Skype
  • Facebook Chat
  • Blackberry Messenger
  • Video
  • Sound
  • See Photos Taken
  • Camera SPY
  • Call History (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • GPS and Cell ID Location Tracking
  • Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms
  • SIM Change SMS Notification
  • Software Based Solution
  • Search and Download All Records
  • Multiple Delivery System : 3G, WiFi, Edge, GPRS
  • %100 Undetectable
  • Remote Control
  • Instantly Download
  • 10 Days %100 Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited device change
  • Available for iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile phones

Summary: Blackberry, Spyera, Facebook, iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Remote Control, 10 Days, 3G

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