Spreadsheet Presenter


Spreadsheet Presenter is an add-in for Microsoft Excel which will allow you to customize your charts and reports in Microsoft Excel – as you desire. You will have many tools available to improve your worksheets, making them easier to read and follow, for your presentations and reports.
Add new colors, highlights, notes, automatize formating tasks, take images, export reports and more in MS Excel. This powerful tool will make your work easier and faster with a fresh and professional look. Using Spreadsheet Presenter you will be able to: Change the default Excel palette with new, brilliant and professionally selected colors to personalize and enhance the visual quality of your charts and reports. Access to 5 new color palettes for your reports and other 12 for charts, customize and save your own color palettes with the colors of your business/customers. Export selections of your Excel file as pictures to be used in presentations, reports, publications or web pages. also you could save many images in your worksheet and use them for future use. Draw ovals and put sticky notes, add watermarks, stamps, highlights, arrows and more around the cells easily. Clarify or intensify the color of the cell backgrounds, zoom to fit your selection with the screen, display or hide grid lines and more? Give format, order, easy visualization and facilitate the development of reports or models that are easy to read and professionally impressive. Customize, if you like, the tools according your needs and requirements to save time.
What’s New?
In this new version 3.3.1 of Spreadsheet Presenter we have added: New validations have been done for the licensing in Windows 7
Spreadsheet Presenter is a part of Model Assistant Suite, therefore if you acquire this product you will obtain a discount for the rest of components.

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