SpamTitan - STOD50u4MONTH-Titan-JAMES


Double Anti Virus Protection

SpamTitan includes both the award winning ClamAV and Kaspersky Labs Antivirus engines offering double scanning of all incoming and outgoing email. Both anti virus engines are auto updating thus ensuring the least management and utmost protection.

Multi Layered Spam Analyses

To ensure the highest continuous levels of spam accuracy SpamTitan uses a comprehensive layered approach to separate genuine email from spam. These include Sender Policy Framework, Recipient verification, SURBL’s, RBL’s Bayesian analyses, keyword, header and body text analyses, customised scoring algorithms as well as many other customised rules. These combine to give email an over all score which defines it as spam or not.

Content filtering

SpamTitan can block unwanted attachments including file types, mime types and renamed files. This can be enabled at both the domain and user level allowing administrators to block unwanted content in line with the organisations email policy.

End User Spam Management

SpamTitan allows you to push the daily management of spam to the end user. Using the spam digest feature end users have full visibility of all email blocked by SpamTitan. Using hyperlinks included in the digest, from their inbox the end user has the ability to release any required email without having to resort to the company helpdesk.

Full Reporting Suite

SpamTitan contains a comprehensive reporting suite providing automated graphical reports including top spam recipients, top email recipients and many more. There is also a ½live report½ of all email as it passes through SpamTitan with full search capabilities.

Outbound disclaimers

In line with your email policy framework disclaimers can be attached to outgoing email. You decide the text of this disclaimer.

Multiple Domains Supported

SpamTitan can be configured to accept email for an unlimited amount of domains which in turn can be relayed to an unlimited amount of email servers.

Configurable on both a domain and user level

All rules can be set at both the domain and user level. This allows detailed configuration for all requirements across the business.

Fully Automated updating, backup and reporting

All updates, including anti virus, anti spam, new version releases, configuration back up, Bayesian back up and management reports are automated, thus requiring the minimal management overhead possible.

Whitelists and Blacklists

Whitelists and blacklists can be configured for the user or at a domain level and to allow/block by full email address or by domain

Administrator and end user Quarantine management

SpamTitan provides both the administrator and end user with a search and retrieval functionality for their email quarantine management.

Full Diagnostics Reporting

SpamTitan contains a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests and reports providing both the administrator and SpamTitan support with all the information required to fully investigate any support issues. This includes the ability to send a canned diagnostic report to SpamTitan support and remote ssh authenticated logon from SpamTitan support.

Web Bases GUI

All SpamTitan features are accessed using an intuitive web based interface. This allows controlled access from the network and removes the need for client based management software. Restrictions can also be put in place to limit who and where this interface can be accessed from.

Never Expires

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