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Southside Solutions Elements with Ease is a software solution that aides users in learning the elements of the periodic table through rote memorization and multiple choice quizzes.  The software displays an elements symbol, name and atomic number in the main application window.  This data is cycled every fifteen minutes to expose users to different elements.  The list of elements can also be scrolled through with the mouse wheel or the arrow keys.  There is also a picture of the periodic table viewable in a seperate window.  The QuickQuiz feature challenges user's new-found knowledge with randomly generated, multiple choice quizzes that test and grade your progress.  The built-in QuickStart help system ensures easy operation.  Chemistry students and teachers rejoice!

Summary: fifteen minutes

Concepts: Periodic table, Chemistry, Atomic number, Chemical element, History of the periodic table, Electron configuration, Electron shell, Atomic mass


  • /science/chemistry
  • /technology and computing
  • /technology and computing/software

Tags: periodic table, Southside Solutions Elements, multiple choice quizzes.&nbsp, built-in QuickStart help, main application window.&nbsp, atomic number, rote memorization, new-found knowledge, elements symbol, Electron configuration, Electron shell, arrow keys.&nbsp, software solution, mouse wheel, different elements.&nbsp, QuickQuiz feature, seperate window.&nbsp, easy operation.&nbsp, Chemical element, Chemistry students, users, Ease, data, list, with&nbsp, picture, user, test, progress.&nbsp, teachers, Summary, minutesConcepts, History

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