Software Testing and Quality Assurance with IT Change Management Transition Planning, Support, Service Validation, Testing and Evaluation Handbook. Change without Risk.


This book is not primarily for software test and QA professionals who are working in ‘typical’ organizations. The Best Practice approach in this book is based on ITIL and is well suited to any IT organization that takes its software testing serious. This book is invaluable to organizations that are committed to software engineering at the defined, managed or optimizing levels of maturity. It distills formal test practices drawn from a variety of ITIL and IT service Management sources into a succinct, process-oriented guide. The book is filled with templates, plans and examples to set up and manage the process.that can be tailored to any software practices. If your organization is pursuing software change without risk, , this book will address the software testing process areas of a larger initiative. However, do not overlook many of the small wins a chaotic organization can achieve by using many of the ideas in this book.

ISBN: 978-1-921523-65-6

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