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Soft4Boost Video to Device will do all the conversion job for you with just several mouse clicks. Just select the device you need and the software will choose output file parameters, convert video files. Optimized presets and 100% support for Sony (PSP and PS3), Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad), Archos DVR, Creative Zen Vision, iRiver, Epson, BlackBerry, Portable Media Player (PMP), YouTube, Facebook, GSM and CDMA networks mobile phones capable of playing video files, DVD players with DivX/Xvid support, and personal computers – our specialists tried really hard so that you could watch your favorite movies on all the supported devices. Even more than that, Soft4Boost Video to Device will also control the size of the output video file that fits a memory size of your handhed device just perfectly. Moreover, if you are an expert in home video you might want to change the output file and codec settings in custom mode or even convert a part of a movie to make sure all the settings are correct for the best quality. Soft4Boost Video to Device is the truly easiest way to copy DVD or convert video files for your Sony (PSP and PS3), Apple (iPod, iPhone, iPad), mobile phone or any other portable video player. 
Soft4Boost Video to Device is a part of Soft4Boost package. Register once and work with all tools from the Subscribe for $24.95/year or $39.95/lifetime.

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