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Soft4Boost Screen Recorder is a simple to use utility which allows you to record all the operations you perform with the mouse and anything you see on your computer screen within the selected area.
Soft4Boost Screen Recorder allows you to create video tutorials, prepare a college project, record a video call from your distant friend, or document software bugs in ultra-high quality. Let Soft4Boost Screen Recorder be your On Demand service and record any of web events you don't want to miss. Enjoy streaming screencasts at your convenience. Record video calls with friends and relatives and add to your collection of video memories. Now, you can change Soft4Boost Screen Recorder design as you wish! There are 11 skin styles! Enhanced settings let you record any specific screen area, including full screen mode. Screencasts shouldn't be silent. Capture the music from lovely computer game, or even a live concert stream. Take quick screenshots with a single click – no more copying and pasting images to another app!
Soft4Boost Screen Recorder is a part of package. Register once at and work with all tools from the package. Subscribe for $24.95/year or $39.95/lifetime.

Summary: $24.95, $39.95

Concepts: Aspect ratio, Webcam, Concert, Screencast, Personal computer, Mouse


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