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Slazure is a powerful dynamically typed data client library that allows for schema-free access to the Microsoft® Azure Table Service. Slazure eliminates the need for strongly typed entity definitions and ORM/ODM's. Compose dynamically typed LINQ-queries on the fly at run-time. Reduce development time by writing less code. Leverage code maintainability by letting your code define your schema. See also Slazure Light for a free but limited alternative to the commercial version.

Summary: Slazure, Slazure Light

Concepts: Java, Programming language, Being, Definition, Type system, C


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Tags: dynamically typed data, Azure Table Service, Leverage code maintainability, Reduce development time, entity definitions, client library, schema-free access, limited alternative, commercial version.Summary, Slazure Light, Programming language, Slazure LightConcepts, computing/programming languages/java/technology, Microsoft&reg, LINQ-queries, fly, need, ORM/ODM

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