Slam DBMS - Compact Database Library


SlamDB is a complete custom database and index manager built into one small dynamic link library (DLL). It allows you, as the developer, to add complete database handling capabilities to your applications without having to worry about file management or multi-user problems, and still have all the power and flexibility that you need.

SlamDB is no standard library, it has been developed from the ground up and offers many powerful features not found in other database libraries. Look at these capabilities…

50KB standalone library (DLL)
Full support for 64-bit data storage ranges
Variable length records of any type or size
Network-safe multi-user access (up to 250 users)
Secure RC4 per-record encryption
Optimized per-record compression
Integrated indexing with a few simple functions
Per-record and per-database locking
Callbacks and messages to track database changes
Database enumeration
User enumeration and locking information
“Thread safe” file and data handling
“Tabled” recordindex storage for faster lookups
User-data storage area
User-to-user messaging system
Read-only mode
Time manipulation functions
Detailed error checking
Logging function
Database recovery function

…and much more!

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