SkypeCap for Windows

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Have you ever wanted to save your Skype sessions so that you could see or hear them again later or share them with someone else? Now you can with SkypeCap! Have you ever missed information during a session and wish that you had a rewind button? Now you do with SkypeCap!

SkypeCap is the complete resource for capturing and recording Skype audio and video sessions in real time.

    Use SkypeCap to record:

  • Skype Casts
  • webcam sessions
  • teleconference calls
  • meetings
  • training sessions
  • announcements
  • interviews
  • group brainstorming sessions
  • telephone and cellular phone calls (in SkypeOut mode)

The possibilities are endless! You control when recording begins and ends, as well as the file format and level of quality at which the recordings should be captured. SkypeCap lets you know when it recognizes that Skype audio and video sessions are occurring so that you can record them. SkypeCap can even record the audio and video sessions for you automatically! Only you will know that the audio or video sessions are being recorded.

Mac OS X version for SkypeCap available at

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