Skimpy is little utility which allows you to watch the phone costs caused by your online connections.It appears as an icon next to the system clock in the taskbar. As soon as you establish a connection, the program starts calculating your fees, using the tariffs you defined. You can retrieve the costs of the current connection by keeping the mouse pointer over the tray icon (near system clock in right down corner of your screen) for few seconds. You can open the program¿s window by double clicking on program icon in tray or select Show Program in menu which is shown when you right-click on icon. In program’s caption you will see sum of costs and online time from last log reset. Skimpy writes a detailed log of all your connections and you will see it down right of program window. All settings can be made in main program window. If reset date is specified, Skimpy will reset counter and save log in program folder in format monthyear.txt (e.g. October1999.txt). If reset date is not specified, log is in program folder in file log.txt.

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