Six Sigma Handbook: Complete Six Sigma Smarter Solutions Guide for Implementing Six Sigma in Your Organization.


Six Sigma and this book challenges traditional thinking and approaches to product and service design. Has a nice flow. One can easily find key topics for reference. Get this too if you plan to use it as one of our foundations for training It is Helpful for practitioners and beginners. Everyone designing products or services should be aware of this book. Relevant case studies and examples. Underlying principles are more easily grasped. Each chapter can add value to your business or organization. Shows how Six Sigma rigor can be combined with pragmatism for superior results.
A must read book for organizations serious about Six Sigma–whether they are focused on delivering world-class products and services to their customers or designing processes to run world class business operations–a thumbs up all the way.
A must for everyone who wants a quick refresher and insight on the design principles of Six Sigma.
ISBN: 978-1-921573-02-6

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