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SIGNificant allows the electronic capture of hand-written signatures and their integration into PDF documents. Using a tablet-pc, signature pad or pen display, your customer, your employees or your clients sign just like they would on paper, but the signature is captured electronically and added to the PDF document.The software captures not only the visible image of the signature on the pad or display, but also invisible biometric data such as pressure, flow and speed. The document can then be saved, printed or sent. SIGNificant includes a PDF printer, so even if your source document is not a PDF it can easily be converted into a PDF from any application. 

The document is Adobe Acrobat compatible, so it can be viewed by any standard PDF viewer. Secure Documents signed and saved in SIGNificant are locked and protected via cryptographic hash. Any subsequent change to the document will be detected and results in the signature being invalidated.


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