Showcase - Billboards for C4D HappyEaster


Firstly, this is not a plugin for Cinema 4D, it’s a set of billboard rig presets that you will be able to easily customize and integrate into any scene.
Easily apply your artwork to the advertising panels on the billboards and with so many options to customize your billboard you’ll be assured unique and personal renders.
We’ve decided to focus on smaller, more detailed packs that will allow you to get exactly what you want out of a pack as apposed to giving you 30 useless models and 2 great models in a pack.
In this pack we have included 3 highly detailed billboards that can be customised to suit your every need.
Dubbed “the last billboards you’ll ever buy“, the preset includes 3 highly detailed and accurate billboard rigs that you will be able to personalize, creating endless different billboards and unique renders to suit your every need.
A VRay version is also available, giving a new level in detail, textures and lighting.

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