Service Package "START" (access to the HoneyStat system for 3 months)

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HoneyStat consists of three software products:
1. HoneyStat.Analytics – will provide you with high-quality analytical data required for making right strategic decisions about development of an online-store.
2. HoneyStat.Widget – product offers personalization, based on previous behaviour of a customer at the online-store site. Product Offers Personalization is an effective tool to increase sales conversion in the online store
3. HoneyStat.Forecasting – every HoneyStat module has a function of basic analytical parameters forecasting. The forecast is strategically important information and competitive advantage for making decisions about the development of an online store
You can be assured in effectiveness of using HoneyStat technologies, staying ahead of competitors and being the market leader.
Service Package "START" includes:
1. Initial system setup 
2. Data visualization modules: Views, Purchases, Conversion, Cros-Views, Cros-Purchases, Product pairs selection 
3. Products recommendation module HoneyStat.Widget
4. Access to API interface
5. up to 3000 products of Online Store
6. up to 1000 unique visitors per month



HoneyStat.Widget – product offers personalization



Summary: Online Store, software products

Concepts: Module, Forecasting, Effectiveness, Retailing, Interface, Strategic management, Planning, Decision making


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  • /shopping/retail/online stores
  • /technology and computing/programming languages/c and c++

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