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Online Auction Software is an amazing auction platform. It offers powerful set of features which almost impossible to get in any other script. It is the real complete solution for your online auction website. Lets take a look at its KEY features:

  • Real complete solution. Supports auctions, dutch auctions, classifieds and fixed price items.
  • Search Engine Optimized . Tap in to heaps of free web site traffic.
  • Each auction listing & category has separate meta keywords, meta description & <TITLE> tag contents. Search engines will love your web site.
  • Zip code distance search & Google Maps support. Makes your site prefect for local & global use.
  • Run as Global or Local auction site. You set the countries and local regions etc. as needed.
  • You can define your own 'category specific' additional fields in admin panel. E.g. for running cell phones category you can have fields like brand, display size etc. And for bikes category you can have mileage, year of manufacturing etc. It makes your site very smart. Your users will love and prefer your site.
  • Video auctions through Youtube video support. It attracts more sellers due to extended exposure to their products. Plus no bandwidth cost to you.
  • Item image gallery and Video gallery with each auction listing. It's wonderful selling point for your site.
  • With multiple revenue streams (see below) earn great even while offering free web site . That's "win-win" situation for you and your visitors.



ONLINE DEMO (Front End):
ONLINE DEMO (Admin End):

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