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Security tool for clean all tracks from your PC. Now, you can fight against, and win forensic software and hardware! You can escape from being fired or prison! Protect yourself before is too late! Secure Disk Pro completely eliminates all hidden evidence of activites on your computer. Secure Disk Pro is fully DoD-522022m/NSA specification compliant utility that allows you to clean up the history of all activities on your PC. It can clean your browser’s cache, cookies, web forms data, entries in your recent documents history, recent applications history, find files history, your temporary files, recycle bin, clean recent documents lists for popular applications, can recover HD space, and many more. Deleting a file normally just removes a file’s directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. When you delete a file, all that happens is that the first character in the file allocation (FAT) table is changed to reflect that it has been deleted. At this point, it is still possible to undelete the file, with any number of tools, allowing a full recovery of the file. Protect your privacy with Secure Disk Pro and completely eliminate sensitive data!

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