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SoftDigi Smart USB is a powerful USB devices manager and defender against any USB threats. It offers a new way to manage your USB devices, because SD Smart USB solves many external drive related problems in Windows and makes working with external drives more comfortable. In addition to this SD Smart USB provides the best protection against any threats when using USB drives. The program also includes a utility to check USB drive for errors and utility to format USB drive.

Main Features:
– Highly customizable, informative & powerful device manager
– Display processes preventing device from being stopped
– USB Shield that monitors in real time and protects your computer against all threats that can take over your computer via USB drive
– Restore the changes produced by USB threats
– Compatible with all antivirus software
– "Vaccinate USB" to prevent you from inadvertently transmitting malware to/from other computers where you insert your USB drives
– Check drive for errors
– Never slow down your computer
– Formatting drives in various file systems
and many more …

Summary: USB devices, device manager, antivirus software, Windows, real time

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