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AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for Mac is specially designed for people to capture their screen for sharing with others or preserving on your computer. It has intuitive interface for Mac users that you could quickly go through the screen capture at first glance. In recording the screen, you may include you voice, system sound, webcam, mouse clicks and more into the screencast. In so doing, you could turn your video more demonstrative and appealing. It's an ideal solution for making tutorials, troubleshooting videos, webinar video and more.

Summary: screen capture, Mac

Concepts: Screencast, Screenshot, Personal computer, Webcam, Graphical user interface, Solution, Ideal solution


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Tags: AceThinker Screen Grabber, screen capture, Graphical user interface, mouse clicks, webinar video, Ideal solutionCategories, ideal solution, intuitive interface, Mac users, computing/software/desktop video/hobbies, webcam

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