SCAN|IT for Sage CRM


Automation of contact data acquisition. SCAN|IT generates a new contact based on directly scanned business cards and supports your CRM workflow.
The manual transfer of contact information from business cards into your CRM is not only susceptible to errors but is also a very time-consuming process.
SCAN|IT does not only gather the data but initiates a CRM workflow from the history and the scheduling process up to the dispatch of information material via e-mail.
SCAN|IT requires only a CardScan business card scanning device and the collected contact data is automatically set up as a new contact which can be edited or supplemented any time. The lead management therefore vastly improves and the implementation of directly initiated work flows regarding further customer-related actions is simplified.
Intelligent Data Supplementation. Email- or domain record – if only a domain but no e-mail address exists, an info domain will be created. In case there is only the e-mail address, SCAN|IT will create a corresponding domain entry.
Flexibility. Through the use of a web interface, contact data can be collected wherever you are. You are able to transfer the data directly into your database while attending a trade show via CardScan.
Standardization. The definition of default values for activities, histories, groups and creator saves additional time during data acquisition.
Independence. The screen-capture function enables the acquisition of electronic business cards like webpage contacts and e-mail signatures.
Information. SCAN|IT can directly send emails to a contact. The email- and appendix templates can be created with an integrated report designer to send an invitation for a scheduled activity.
Customization. The information field of business cards can be transferred in your CRM fields according to your preferences.
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