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Instant backup without any hassle. Trial Version | Manual
Data backup is a crucial thing. Hardware failure, software bugs and human errors do endanger data. A crashed hard disk might leave you with a complete loss of your data. A crashed word processor might corrupt your latest document for sure after you nearly finished it, but before you saved it somewhere else. A typo might delete a whole section of a text document and for sure you will notice that in the first printout, in your backup file the section is missing as well.
These are the good reasons to backup your data to save them. Re-constructing lost data is not only an awful job, it is costly as well. But nevertheless data backup is the stepchild of all users. Despite the legions of excellent backup tools data are not backed up every time they change.
rReplikator not only automates the task of data backup. rReplikator does data backup in an instant. Every time you create or change a file, the file will be backed up instantly. Every time, you make a new sub-directory and move files, this will be replicated as well. rReplikator replicates all files changed in a dedicated directory (and its subdirectories) to another directory. Just this simple.
In addition rReplikator writes a version history of all changed files to a 3d directory. Every time a file is changed a time stamp is added to the filename and it is replicated to a history directory. If anything went wrong with a file, just copy a file from history to your working directory to go back to a previous version. No additional tool necessary, no dependencies of version to precedent versions.
Replikator is delivered as basic, premium and as a server version:
Version Basic Premium Server
price 49 Euro 89 Euro 249 Euro plus VAT
replication yes yes yes Instantly replicates changed and new files. Only local drives can be monitored, but may replicated to networked drives
networked replication yes Monitor and replicate files on networked drives
copy jobs yes yes yes Scheduled jobs to copy files from A to B
aArchivator yes yes Scheduled jobs to zip all or only changed files for archiving
rRestaurator yes yes Restores latest or chosen version of a file or complete folders
eMail yes yes Sends eMails when jobs finish or errors occur
Server OS yes runs on Win2003 and Win2008
other PCs yes may monitor folders on other PCs in the network

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