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With Rocketium Ultimate, you can create up to 150 videos every month, for multiple platforms by selecting from a choice of a portrait, landscape or square video depending on the network of your choice. Furthermore, you can brand your videos with your own logo and increase your brand recall.

The photo and video curation process is sped up by the built in copyright-free image and video search that makes putting together your content fast and straightforward. 

Apart from images, footages, and text, users can also upload or record voiceovers to describe their content in a better way.

If you are feeling creative Rocketium allows you to customize with over 20+ settings, such as filters, colors, animations, motion graphics and more. But don’t be put off by the options, even without changing a single setting the creation process can take as little as five minutes and still produce a professional result.

Rocketium is perfect for bloggers, digital journalists, markets, teachers and anyone who is serious about upping their social media game.

You can share your video directly on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube or download it to your desktop. All of your videos are accessible from the of your account and can be redownloaded or further customized as many times as you like. More details on the website.

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