ReplaceMagic.Text Professional Edition


ReplaceMagic – search and replace all over in your OneNote documents

Package 2 – 5-user license is 2 times the single-license price
Package 3 – 10-user license is 3 times the single-license price
Package 4 – 20-user license is 4 times the single-license price
Site Package – Site license is 5 times the single-license price
Enterprise Package – Enterprise license is 8 times the single-license price
Just order appropriate number of license to get multi license. Description is in ReplaceMagic license file or click here to see it.

Have you ever been in situation that you renamed your file server and that links in all document where broken?

Have you ever been in situation that you have thousands of Microsoft OneNote documents where in header you have old address that you have to replace with new address?

Have you ever been in situation that you need to change text, header, footer, comments, OLE object links, hyperlinks, VBA code or even more in thousands of files and you had to do that manually?

With ReplaceMagic you can scan folders and by entering search and replace strings let application to do all changes automatically for you.

If we consider that you have to change only one term in 10000 documents in different folders and you have to open each of them, to search and replace for some word, to save document and then to open next one probably you will need minimum 40 seconds per document which is 40×10.000=400.000 seconds or more then 111 hours. Also do not forget that during time you will be more and more tired so probably you will miss some of files and that can not happen with ReplaceMagic.

If your salary is 3000$ that will cost company more than 1.890$ which is much more then value of our professional version which covers Microsoft OneNote.

As a matter of fact our prices start from $49…

By using standard Office search&replace functionality you are very limited and we removed those limits.

If you did not download/buy ReplaceMagic until now test it and see how powerful application it is.

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