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Worrying about unauthorized access of your sensitive data in computer but regularly share your PC? Then it might be a laborious and time-consuming process if you have lots of data to protect. But with professional designed data encrypt software – Renee File Protector, it does not have to be too painful. 
Main Functions
l Renee File Protector provides 4 different level protections including Hide Data, Deny Write, Deny Read and Encrypt. 
l Useful tools like Monitor (Record for the activity the target have) and Safe Delete can help you manage your data better. 
l Unlimited number and size of the data to protect. Instance protection.
l Incredibly easy to use, even for computer newbie. 
l Self-protection options like email notification, self-lock and help you upgrade the safety of the software and the protected data.
Renee File Protector is a reliable and light-weight choice for file protection of Windows system. Data with the protection of Renee File Protector will not be able to open, read, modify or delete to unauthorized users. 
Purchase the full version and provide total protection to your computer with full Renee File Protector!

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