Redmine reports v1.2.2

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Brand new features:
'General report' is table report showing general information about your projectin a given perion of time. Staff workload, open and closed issus, number of issues grouped by category or other custom field.
The 'Average Age' report is a bar chart showing the average age (in days) of unresolved issues at given points in time. The report is based on your choice of project, and your chosen units of time (ie. days, weeks, months).
The 'Created vs Resolved Issues' report is a difference chart showing the cumulative number of issues created vs number of issues resolved over a given period of time.The report is based on your choice of project or issue filter.
NEW! The 'Pie Chart' report displays issues returned from a specified project, grouped by a specified field. For example, an issue filter can be created to retrieve all open issues for a particular version of a particular project. The 'Pie Chart' report can then be used to display these issues grouped by a specified field (e.g. Assignee).


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