Recession Thriving: Beat the Recession with these proven Tactics to Help You to Thrive in a Recession, Here's what to do


There are many opportunities available for you to make a good living during a recession. The key is to find what is right for you and make it work. This book will outline the different ways you can make money during a recession. It includes ways to supplement your current income as well as ways to earn a stand alone income, plus much more: – Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career – Financial Crisis, Housing Crisis, Recession, Budget Crisis, What It Means to Your Financial Planning – What to do if you’re laid off in the recession – Why Social Applications Will Thrive In A Recession – The Best Recession-Proof Jobs – Why to Start a Startup in a Bad Economy – Marketing Your Way Through a Recession Financial planning is important at any time, but is especially important when your economy is facing or in a recession. This book will guide you in taking a closer look at your current financial situation as well as offer some good cost cutting tips.
ISBN: 978-1-921573-09-5

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