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RapidPoint is a MT4 expert advisor. It can automatically open and close trades. It is a set and forget EA. Attach on the chart and it start to trade. RapidPoint doesn't need any optimizations or changing parameters. It uses hard SL and TP so if your computer losses power or lost connection your trades protected on server side. It has a professional trade management. You can easily restart the mt4 platform without any problems.

Entry and exits
RapidPoint uses pure price actions to determine signal, also calculate some bars on some timeframe to specify the trend, then find a good price like oversold or overbought to decide when and where the order will be placed or closed.

Work on any market condition
RapidPoint Gain profit in trending markets and it also no problem in the sideway market.

Not affected by news and events
Any News or event is not enough to surprise this EA strategies. RapidPoint will handle big moves even fast pull back very well. Just run it 24/5 and it can manage your account like a professional. You shouldn't be worry about any news or events in the market.

Compatible with All Brokers
Work with any brokers. 4 and 5 digits. STP or ECN.

12 year proven strategy
RapidPoint use a solid strategy that has proved in 12 year backtest, with 90% MQ produce over 1.4M% profit, also proved in 7 year backtest with 99.90% MQ. It has DD periods but it is normal and very low with very promising returns.

Solid coding and bug free
RapidPoint coded by a team with many years of trading experience, almost all the loopholes of bugs already covered and tested well with big number of beta testers for a long time. It uses hard SL and TP to protect your trades.

Website : www.rapidpointfx.com

Contact : [email protected]

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