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With the help of QuizForce you can create Rapid and efficient Flash-based quizzes and surveys with many different types of questions for e-learning.The professional looking quizzes and will appeal to students who this way will be more committed to learning!

Quizzes created using QuizForce can be exported to:
  • Internet/Intranet
  • The students pc
  • LMS (JoomlaLMS, Blackboard, Moodle, Fronter etc.)
  • CD-ROM

Being an author you have a lot of easy-to-use options in QuizForce, BUT without the necessity to be a technician!

Some of the potentialities are:
  • Sending quiz results via e-mail
  • Quiz must be completed option
  • Customizing the layout, colors, label text and graphics according to your choice
  • Multilanguage text for labels
  • Using images and sound files for questions
  • Appealing interactions between different types of questions
  • and much more…

QuizForce provides a comprehensive but easy-to-use set of tools for creating highly customized Flash-based quizzes, assessments and surveys without the need for you to be a technician or a programmer.

With the help of QuizForce you can create Flash-based quizzes that:
  1. stand alone on your Web site
  2. can be integrated with PowerPointForce courses and presentations
  3. can be connected with your LMS (Learning Management Systems)


More features
  • Select among many different graded and survey question types including fill in the blank, multiple choice, matching, hotspot, Likert scale and many more
  • Provide (or not) feedback based on quiz-takers’ responses
  • Display results and specify actions that quiz takers should follow based on their scores
  • Brand your quizzes with customizable colors and sounds
  • Incorporate images and Flash movies to add interaction and interesting questions
  • Save quiz results via e-mail or your LMS
  • Customize buttons and labels according to your choice of text and language
  • Deliver quizzes and surveys rapidly, easily and efficiently

The Flash output from QuizForce makes quizzes and surveys accessible to anyone. In addition, it provides the quiz users with a rich interactive experience.
QuizForce provides you with features and functionality that were available before only be means of very difficult and time-consuming programming. We have focused on the teachers doing e-learning and learning styles – NOT coding!!


Easy, quick and efficient authoring
  • Different, intuitive and very easy-to-use types of questions
  • Very intuitive question list manager
  • Use your own choices of colors,label text and even your own branding!
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