Qubic Business Intelligence Desktop Standard Edition

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Creating business intelligence data analytics with dashboards, OLAP cubes, schemas, charts, reports, prepared reports and query builders. Designing dashboards and OLAP cubes connected to various datasources. Dashboard with pivot grids and charts to build visual presentation of the data. Multi page design to separate your visual analytics. With software you can explore and visualize any data in few minutes. All data connected on line or off line. Store your data to server. Just a few seconds to build OLAP cube massive data structure with multidimensional columns, rows and measures. Integrated report designer, report viewer and prepared report viewer. Powerful modern report editor which includes a large set of tools for visually designing and modifying report templates. Integrated query builder to build visual queries. Query builder is a complete solution to make the SQL query building process as easy as it can be!

Summary: data structure, business intelligence, editor

Concepts: Business intelligence, Data analysis, Data management, OLAP cube, Online analytical processing, Analytics, Architectural engineering, Design


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Tags: OLAP cubes, intelligence data analytics, business intelligence, OLAP cube, Integrated query builder, query building process, cube massive data, Multi page design, Integrated report designer, modern report editor, data structure, Online analytical processing, query builders, report viewer, visual analytics, various datasources, pivot grids, Data analysis, Data management, visual presentation, multidimensional columns, visual queries, report templates, complete solution, large set, Architectural engineering, entertainment/visual art, dashboards, charts, reports, schemas, Dashboard, rows, software, measures, Store, Summary, editorConcepts, tools, DesignCategories, /technology

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