Psr2xls utility


The PSR2XLS utility allows you to convert saved PowerSoft Reports (PSR) into an Excel workbook
If you have any application developed using PowerBuilder…
If your application allows you to save reports into PowerSoft Report files (*.psr)…
But you can’t e-mail it to your clients, since they haven’t any tools for such files…
And you can’t use this reports for further processing…
The PSR2XLS utility will help you!!!
Moreover you can use this utility as PowerSoft Report viewer.

Integrated with Windows Explorer
Included Powersoft Report viewer
Supported datawindow presentation styles:
Freeform, Grid, Tabular and Group
The following types of datawindow objects are supported:
text, column, expression
Keep all text and data formatting:
the font, color of the text, color of a background, border, etc.
The following edit style of fields are supported:
DropDownDW, DropDownListBox, Edit, Edit with Code Table and EditMask
Any data types of the fields are supported:
string, decimal, double, integer, date, time, datetime
The PSR2XLS utility developed by using DW2XLS library. For more information about this library visit
The PSR2XLS utility created by specialists of Desta company and based on experience of huge information system development and aspiration in full measure to satisfy requirements of our clients.

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