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An advanced electronic signature with the following features:

– up to 500 signatures per month

– bulk sending 

– round-robin contract signing

– control the order of signing

– automatic reminders

– full audit trail

– automatic filing of signed copies

– indepdendent client portals with copies of signed documents

– white labelling

Premium features (extra fees apply)

– 2-factor-authentication using messaging or facial recognition

– KYC/ AML checks

– client onboarding automation

Summary: audit trail, AML

Concepts: Signature, Digital signature, Sign, Electronic signature, English-language films, Biometrics, Following, The Order


  • /technology and computing
  • /technology and computing/software/databases
  • /business and industrial/company/bankruptcy

Tags: advanced electronic signature, round-robin contract signing, audit trail, KYC/ AML checks, indepdendent client portals, client onboarding automationSummary, Digital signature, signed copies, following features, signed documents, automatic reminders, white labelling, bulk sending&nbsp, automatic filing, extra fees, English-language films, facial recognition, signatures, Biometrics, Premium, messaging, control, order, AMLConcepts, 2-factor-authentication, OrderCategories, /technology

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