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Does your company sell more than 10 products? OR are you a freelancer or graphic professional ?

design catalogs, tickets & repetitive documents in-house and reduces costs OR start your business and sell catalog design services

ROI in only one project !

prodalist® permits to create pro pdf catalogs or repetitive documents. Typical applications include:

  • catalogs
  • event tickets
  • industrial picking lists
  • real estate
  • advanced shipment labels…

The Software Suite contains all the required editors for the catalogs, so as many other tools to handle pdf, images and texts

  • any format, any resolution (just depends on your computer memory size)
  • automatic versatile product grig layout
  • insertion of images, barcodes, links, products variants tables, badges
  • page, header, footer, notes (…) templates simply created & edited in MS Word® or free equivalent
  • automatic translation*, pdf images extraction tool
  • individual image editor, automatic image batch to process (=ALL your images in one go!)
  • "variables" to insert automatically on all pages some text, date or other info –> make variants withing seconds
  • (*:some functions require aditional registration to external online providers)

User can make changes or variants within minutes, thus allowing to have a dedicated version for each customer ⇒ sales reps visit their customers the next day with a special-branded catalog version -tuned just for them- … WOW effect garanteed!

Your catalog becomes useful for your customers = SALES INCREASE

Detailed features can be viewed online on this page while comparison with other prodalist versions here

Note1: software is in English, French, German, Italien, Spanish (contact us for other languages)

Note2: some had success using Parallels® on Mac® – DO try extensively the demo, AS THIS DEPENDS ON MANY FACTORS, MAC® IS NOT GARANTEED

Summary: image editor, real estate

Concepts: Computer graphics, Sales


  • /art and entertainment/visual art and design/design
  • /automotive and vehicles
  • /technology and computing/software/graphics software

Tags: repetitive documents, catalog design services, pro pdf catalogs, versatile product grig, products variants tables, industrial picking lists, image editor, individual image editor, automatic image batch, special-branded catalog version, external online providers, design catalogs, Typical applications, shipment labels, real estate, event tickets, Software Suite, pdf images, memory size, free equivalent, automatic translation*, MS Word&reg, sales reps, extraction tool, prodalist versions, aditional registration, WOW effect, computing/software/graphics software, entertainment/visual art, real estateConcepts, SALES INCREASE, rArr, page, /art, customers, mac&reg, amp, footer, ROI, quot, freelancer, company, insertion, barcodes, header, business, project, prodalist&reg, permits, tools

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