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Probilz is a complete retail management system (RMS) to manage any Retail more efficiently, increase profitability, and support your day to day processes effectively. It integrates accounting and automates every in-store operations for better inventory and merchandise control. Probilz easy to use, regular updates, customizable and flexible, multi-system capable save time and reduce and merchandise control.

Some of the important features of the software are.


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  • User friendly.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • Multiple Bills (Cash Bill, Card Bill, Credit Bill, Counter Sales Bill, Dummy Bill, etc.,).
  • Secure Data Handling (Back Up & Restore).
  • SMS & Email facility (Customer & Distributors).
  • Alerts .
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • Complete Reports – Financial, Sales, Stock Analysis, Inventory, CRM Reports etc.,
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