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Managing a newsletter to gain new contacts or only to inform your customers about new characteristics of your services is a growing need. Not everybody realizes that to optimize this process, standard e-mail client software is not sufficient and it is necessary to use software specifically designed for this purpose..
Pro Email Sender is the best solution to send the newsletters to many e-mail destinations.

Technical Features:

Support for 6 languages (Italian, English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French)
User friendly: thanks to the message wizard even novice users can take full advantage.
Versatile: you can import contact lists and create groups based on your target characteristics.
You can simulate delivery without sending messages for real.
Supports several file formats (Access, Excel, text files, etc.)
Supports remote databases through connection strings.
Customizable: ready-to-use templates. We also provide tailored template design (import HTML messages, Outlook, text messages)
Quick: editor to create text and insert images, links, etc.
Stats: read, unread, link and error logging and schedule for any s

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