Privacy Care for Mac

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Have you ever been worried that someone will keep track of your whereabouts on your computer? What you were doing on your computer can be saved in the reading list. This poses potential threats to your personal privacy.

With Privacy Care, you can clear your privacy information using with Chrome, Firefox or Safari.These web browsers can save your browsing history, download history, cookies history, webpage icons and temporary files which will certainly leak your privacy out.

Privacy Care provides access to clearing App’s recent items which will show what you have done recently. Without any complex options, what you need to do is select the items you need to delete and then start cleansing.
After your surfing, you can take a shower just by clicking the “Clean” button. In this way, Private Care makes it possible to ensure the cleanliness of sensitive records.
Privacy Care can keep your computer safe and private and help you keep alert whenever you are browsing.
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