PowerFolder Enterprise On-Premise

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Product Description

  • One license of a single instance of PowerFolder Server with a runtime depending on the chosen option
  • Number of users depending on the selected product
  • Unlimited number of devices per user
  • Storage depending on your hardware
  • Free usage of the PowerFolder mobile App for Android and iOS with your own server
  • Built-in web-Access and central administration
  • Mobile web Access, network drive and Web-DAV support
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Remote configuration based on profiles 
  • All Software updates included
  • Support included : Email, Chat, Phone (5/9)
  • Additional support levels available on request


High Availability (HA) & Load Balance (LB) Package

  • Additional server licenses(1/3) for HA and LB scenarios
  • Runtime depending on the chosen option

Branding Package

  • Branded web portal based on your Cooperate Identity or with your colors and logos
  • Branded clients for Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Branded mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • We deploy the mobile apps to the according store
  • Includes maintenance of the brandings during the service runtime
  • Covers up to 8 hours of web design work. $90 will be charged per additional hour.


Installation and Security-consulting and Training

  • 1,2 or 3 days of remote setup assistance, consulting or training
  • 8 working hours per day
  • Optionally available as on-site consulting ( please contact us for details)

Summary: Android, iOS, High Availability, Software updates, 8 hours, 3 days, $90

Concepts: Mobile Web, Internet, Availability, Working time, High availability, Eight-hour day, E-mail, Downtime


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  • /technology and computing/software/databases
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