Podcasting 100 Success Secrets - Start your Podcast Today: Production, Hosting and Marketing. Everything you need in easy steps to create your Podcast and tell the world about your Passion


This book takes you pretty much step-by-step from how to obtain third-party podcasts to learn how others do it, to downloading tools and Web sites of interest.
It goes into great depth on how to record your podcast effectively, and how to edit and improve your sound quality, all the while warning you on the little pitfalls that can make your podcast difficult to listen to. It also explains how to get your podcast on the Net, from registering your own domain and finding hosting (or using services such as Blogger) or using an existing provider, as well as how to set up the extremely important RSS feed and get distribution like through iTunes. You are even given advice on how to make money as a podcaster.
You will be impressed with the span of coverage given to the subject. Everything from “what is a podcast” to “how to do preproduction” to “how to do postproduction”. Everything you absolutely need to know to start down that path is in here.
ISBN: 978-1-921523-94-6

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