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PMS Support for the Hotspot Software. Integrate Hotel WiFi with your PMS system. This interface helps your guests to sign up for the Internet access, and post charges to the room.

Supported PMS interfaces are:  Oracle Opera 5 (IFC Part Number 5009-313), Protel, InnQuest, ICG, Clarity, King Smart, IDS Fortune Next, TCA POS Innsist.

It includes Generic XML interface which can be used by any PMS software company to create interface with HSIA hotspot software.

Summary: IDS Fortune, software company, ICG, HSIA, IFC, Internet access, TCA, Oracle

Concepts: Internet, Java, Wi-Fi, Internet access, Hotspot, Linux, World Wide Web, Broadband Internet access


  • /technology and computing/software
  • /travel/tourist facilities/hotel
  • /home and garden/home furnishings

Tags: HSIA hotspot software.Summary, PMS software company, IDS Fortune, TCA POS Innsist, Internet access, Integrate Hotel WiFi, PMS interfaces, Generic XML interface, Broadband Internet accessCategories, World Wide Web, IFC Part Number, post charges, Oracle Opera, King Smart, garden/home furnishings, computing/software/travel/tourist facilities/hotel/home, ICG, InnQuest, Protel

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