PMBOK Quick Implementation Guide


PMBOK Quick Implementation Guide – Standard Introduction, Tips for Successful PMBOK Managed Projects, FAQs, Mapping Responsibilities, Terms and Definitions
The author has collected the experiences of organizations, quality managers and auditors who have actually worked with the present version of the PMBOK standard. This hard-won experience is presented here in this leading guide to understanding and satisfying the requirements of PMBOK, and to applying the principles that underpin this internationally recognized family of standards for managing and communicating quality of Management Processes.
This best-selling PMBOK quality management handbook from one of the worlds leading experts on the PMBOK Project Management standard is fully updated with the latest experiences of successfully working with the standard from industry and the service sector, plus quality auditors.
Analyzes each section, clause and requirement in detail, with practical implementation guidance on f.i. Managing stakeholders, The Importance of Peer to Peer Communication, Project Status Reporting, Expert Management Systems, Knowledge Management and Technology, The Ideal Project Manager Specification, Deadly Myths of Earned Value Methods in Project Management, Avoiding Project Management Pitfalls, Project Status Reports Everyone Can Understand etc etc.
Whether establishing a PMBOK quality management system for the first time, or upgrading an existing system, this handbook is ideal for students, practitioners, managers, instructors and auditors. It is supported by a wide range of solutions, FAQs, tips for implementers, and an insightful overview that will be invaluable in any sector, industry, business or organization.

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